Question: What are the control measure for ants, which hollows the tuberous root, causes nuisance on garden pathways and lawns by building small mounds of soil?
Answer: Pouring hot water on to the effected areas can check this menace. Carbon-bi-sulphate or B.H.C powder can also be used in the same manner. Various other options like Baythion, Coopex (powder form) and Dieldrin, Heptachlor and Lorsban (solution form) are also available.
Question: How nematodes can generally be controlled?
Answer: Broadcasting, scattering or sprinkling 3% Furadon granules, can control the nematodes. Do not forget to water the treated area with adequate amount of water.
Question: What is the remedy for the plants showing yellow leaves with green veins?A
Answer: It simply shows the iron deficiency and a supplemented supply of iron can control the problem.
Question: How frequent should a lawn be mowed?
Answer: The lawns in summer need mowing once a week, whereas in winter it should be after every 2 to 3 weeks.
Question: What is the appropriate time and manner to mow the lawn?
Answer: The lawn should be mowed when it is dry. Mowing the wet lawn would result in loss of emerging grass. The lawn mowing should be in straight line and not in haphazard manner.

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